Lockdown To Do List

While some of us are still working, perhaps home schooling, some of us are learning yoga or how to wallpaper (yes I did that) a lot of people are leaving their Wedmin or To Do Lists but this is the perfect time to tick a few things off! Here are just a few of my ideas to keep you and the gang, kids, Mother In-Law and all busy. Purchase and Walk-in Your Wedding Shoes

Pick slightly over flower blooms (roses and peonies work well) and turn into confetti by drying between sheets of kitchen towel or microwaving for a few seconds. Totally biodegradable and so easy to do!

Master home-made gin, jam, jaffa cakes?! Anything goes in the world of wedding favours so why not learn a new skill and put it to use making guest favours?

Teach yourself calligraphy! Once you’ve mastered the basics you can work on your own style then place cards, signs, menus all become possibilities. I used this little gem to learn myself “Modern Calligraphy”

Channel your inner Mary Berry and learn to bake. Not just the “Lockdown Bannana Bread” the world and their wife have had a go at during the outbreak but real luxury. Perhaps a classic Victoria Sponge or a silky Red Velvet cake. Lean to “naked ice” with butter cream, or go for a classic fondant drape. If you have time on your hands you could turn that CAKE Pintrest board into tomorrows lunch!

Embroider hankies for the ceremony (no one loves an ugly crier). This one may take a while, but who am I kidding all these ideas will take a while! I have very fond memories from one wedding a few years back now with the best embroidered hankies on each chair.

Any other ideas for lockdown Wedmin, let me know. I may even chose one to fill my time too!

Alexis xx

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