So what are you waiting for?

Let me tell you there are a few things I cannot wait for… A good coffee, one not out of my machine. A good meal, one I haven’t had to cook or wash the dishes for. A pud garden icy G&T, ideally overlooking the Cornish coast. A hug. Yes, one thing I really miss is hugging my family and friends.

What is it you cannot wait for?

But one thing we are all waiting for is the magic words telling us gatherings and weddings can recommence. We are literally sitting on the edge of our seats every night during the briefing hoping for a glimmer of an idea. So far, not so much.

While we know it might seem like normality was so long again, and perhaps a long way off but all those things you want to do you will be able to do again. (I mean perhaps not marry Tom Hardy, dreamy, but still…)

If you feel like a chat, drop me a message, I’d love to hear what you are waiting for!

Alexis xx

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