A little seasonal spice

This seasonal fruits, vegetables, themes and dishes… what a perfect way to add a little flair to your day.

Here at the Kings Chapel we love all things different and writing a bespoke menu for your day totally encompasses that!

While salivating waiting for lunch I’ve taken a moment to give you a few ideas of dishes for the seasons. Enjoy and try not to get too hungry!




Lamb is an absolute favorite cut during the spring months. Other favorites include asparagus and peas.

Why not tuck into a scrumptious asparagus and pea risotto with creamy white wine infused, or perhaps Parma ham wrapped asparagus tips with a runny poached egg….



The season of the berry! Tuck into a delicious array of homegrown berries including strawberries, raspberries, cherries and blackberries.

Our ever popular “Berry Assiette” really comes into its own in the season of the sun.




Think about hearty soups and dumplings, or earthy root vegetables covered in a sweet glaze. Or perhaps the sweet tooth in you has gone to pumpkin pies like the American Thanksgiving favorite. All great options if you ask me!




Erm, need I say more? Think turkey, sprouts (love them or hate them, they are iconic!) cranberries and honey drizzled parsnips.




Why not have a think about some seasonal favorites and drop us a message about including them on your wedding day with us!


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