A few outdoor favorites

We have so many people message about photo opportunities and if you weren’t lucky enough to catch my voice-over tour of Old Amersham, here are a few great locations for you to wander around on your special day!


A few steps out of the Kings Chapel walled garden create a plethora of opportunities, take a look at these beauties….



Can you commit to a 2 minute walk, erm, yes! Well then these beauties are taken from the field above the Kings Chapel.



How about a stroll in the other direction…. make your way to the high street for lovely moments like these…


A tad further down the road and you will get magical moments like these too!


If you are feeling really adventurous you could take a stroll up the Amersham Hill like A&J for this lovely photo


If you’re after a few more options drop me a message! I love talking all things photography!

Alexis x

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