Why I love a summer wedding

Summer is a time of blooms, warmth, late nights, sandy toes, ice creams for dinner and romance. I think the summer is the perfect time to say “I do” and here are 3 reasons why.


Ice cream, Pimms and fizz! 

A great way to start your wedding day is with a glass of bubbles, but i truly love receptions with ice cream or even better G&T ice lollies!

A little while ago L&M had said G&T lollies in the Church grounds during photos and on their walk from St Mary’s Amersham to the Chapel. It was a great idea!



The Great Outdoors! 

Gorgeous weather means you can use the outside space for longer. Whether it be for a longer drinks reception or even eating outside, to fun and games for old and young, the garden adds a wealth of opportunities to your day.



Sunset photos! Are there any more romantic?! 





A few outdoor favorites

We have so many people message about photo opportunities and if you weren’t lucky enough to catch my voice-over tour of Old Amersham, here are a few great locations for you to wander around on your special day!


A few steps out of the Kings Chapel walled garden create a plethora of opportunities, take a look at these beauties….



Can you commit to a 2 minute walk, erm, yes! Well then these beauties are taken from the field above the Kings Chapel.



How about a stroll in the other direction…. make your way to the high street for lovely moments like these…


A tad further down the road and you will get magical moments like these too!


If you are feeling really adventurous you could take a stroll up the Amersham Hill like A&J for this lovely photo


If you’re after a few more options drop me a message! I love talking all things photography!

Alexis x

A little seasonal spice

This seasonal fruits, vegetables, themes and dishes… what a perfect way to add a little flair to your day.

Here at the Kings Chapel we love all things different and writing a bespoke menu for your day totally encompasses that!

While salivating waiting for lunch I’ve taken a moment to give you a few ideas of dishes for the seasons. Enjoy and try not to get too hungry!




Lamb is an absolute favorite cut during the spring months. Other favorites include asparagus and peas.

Why not tuck into a scrumptious asparagus and pea risotto with creamy white wine infused, or perhaps Parma ham wrapped asparagus tips with a runny poached egg….



The season of the berry! Tuck into a delicious array of homegrown berries including strawberries, raspberries, cherries and blackberries.

Our ever popular “Berry Assiette” really comes into its own in the season of the sun.




Think about hearty soups and dumplings, or earthy root vegetables covered in a sweet glaze. Or perhaps the sweet tooth in you has gone to pumpkin pies like the American Thanksgiving favorite. All great options if you ask me!




Erm, need I say more? Think turkey, sprouts (love them or hate them, they are iconic!) cranberries and honey drizzled parsnips.




Why not have a think about some seasonal favorites and drop us a message about including them on your wedding day with us!


Drip, drop, drip, little wedding showers

Hannah and Simon 06/10/18

Think Ally & Noah in The Notebook…

Spiderman & Mary-Jane…

Hayley & Nathan in One Tree Hill

and our absolute FAVOURITE Charles and Carrie in Four Weddings and a Funeral (which was filmed with us here in Old Amersham).

Kissing in the rain is officially the most romantic photo opportunity you can embrace on your wedding day (if the weather is right!)


The rain provides a cool, misty, often moody sky perfect for your photographer to capture.

As an added bonus, rain is actually thought to be good lucky by many cultures. In Italy there is a saying “Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata”

And to save you the time of google translate it means, “A wet bride is a lucky bride”.

Outdoor Eats!

To us every wedding is unique and personal. Not everyone is after the formal 3 course sit down meal so we offer some food service to meet your more relaxed, less traditional vibes.



A hot British summer day isn’t complete without a BBQ.

Offer you guests some burgers and sausages and you’re guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. This style can be plated or put out on tables for guests to help themselves. It’s a great opportunity for you to simple allow your guests to sit wherever they might like and interact with people they may not have.



Hog Roasts always go down a treat. Come rain or shine you are what could be better? We offer a wide range of accompaniments that you would chose to go with it, and might I say our coleslaw deserves all the awards.





The great thing about BBQ’s and Hog Roast’s is that they both work for wedding breakfast and evening food!



One extra perk that we have at the Kings Chapel is our pizza oven.

Just picture yourself after a few wines and Proseccos, craving the ideal evening food. Fresh out of the oven you can sit down with a cheesy pizza and extra toppings of your choosing before heading back out onto the dancefloor.


We’re are more than happy to help come up with quirky ideas that suits your personalities. Feel free to ask….we are here to help!

Glam it Up!

To me, your wedding day is your ultimate red carpet walk, and so there’s every reason to be that little bit ‘extra’ about the finer details! What better way to strut your stuff than amongst a bit of glitz ’n’ glam?

I would say there are 3 main pointers to bear in mind if your day is going glam:

  1. Keep it subtle – stick to one glam ‘method’ (eg. rich jewel tones OR glittery table cloths) to prevent the venue looking too cluttered or busy
  2. Keep it classy – go for good quality products and decorations – plastic table diamanté is fine but won’t achieve the look you are going for to the fullest!
  3. Keep to the theme – fully commit to the styling of the day, for example, if you’ve got mirrored centrepieces and tall elegant candles on the tables don’t then also include rustic wood slices as it may confuse the theme

There are plenty of different ways to go for glam; think faux fur stoles and jewelled heels, lace and lush florals, a glittered table cloth and plenty of fairy lights to reflect off everything!


I’ve got a guilty soft spot for a dress change as well, why not go long elegant train or full skirt for ceremony, and change into a party playsuit with some disco heels for your evening reception!


Remember, YOU are the celebrities of your day, YOU are the star of the catwalk, and YOU are the most photographable pair all day long, so whether it’s a flower wall as your photo-booth backdrop, or light up letters framing your dancefloor, there’s no such thing as TOO glamourous – so go for it!

Get the party started

Kick off the heels, the I do’s are done, you’re stuffed full of scrumptious-ness and it’s time to party. But how do you make your party stand out i hear you ask?

Well… here’s a few I’ve seen over the years that just add that little something EXTRA to the night.

A&M’s Pimp your Prosecco 

Who doesn’t love an extra drink (or 2!) to get the party started and getting the chance to spice things up with a little splash of this and dash of that is a great way of getting your guests involved on the day.


At the beautiful H&E’s wedding we had the very talented theglitterbox doing sparkly make-up in the evening. It was a great way to add glitz and glam, and a cool Ibiza vibe to the evening party!



Some of THE best party moves come out at a wedding! Think dad dancing, shimmeys, shuffles and the floss. Just check out all the fun from H&O’s day!


SPARKLES to finish

An absolute favorite of everyone’s at the moment. How can you not resist?!


H&D’s Bottoms Up! 


Never forget to cheers to your special day!

Heatwave Weddings

Most couples dream of good weather on their special day but what do you do if England decides that it’s time to scorch the delicate skin of us unsuspecting folk! There are many different ways you can plan for such a scenario. I extend to you a few of our best tips to prepare for a heatwave!


Offer a Delicious Cold Treat

Everyone’s favourite summer food is Ice Cream, anyone who says differently is lying! Hire yourselves an ice-cream van or bike for your guests to have access to an unlimited supply throughout your drinks reception. I recommend The Works as a great local company who offer many different flavours of homemade ice creams and sorbets.



A Fan Favourite

Struggling to come up with idea for your favours!? The English weather can be surprisingly relentless so why not offer your guests a hand-held fan or personalised sunglasses. They’ll need to use them long after your big day to get them through the summer months and think of the fond memories of your big day whenever they do.


Ensure Everyone is Well Watered

Hot weather is the perfect excuse to give your guests refreshing and colourful drinks. From a quintessentially British Pimms to the up and coming Aperol Spritz, the world is your oyster. Feel free to ask us for ideas!!! We love a cocktail!


Functional Foliage

It may be the last thing on your mind but some flowers are more resistant to the warmer weather. Keep them fresh! You don’t need to hold your bouquet until the all-important moment so keep them in water! Your florist is probably best to advise so why not ask Floral Creations or The Nagundo Tree.


Pre-Wedding Preparations

Let’s be honest, this is mainly aimed at the blushing brides. Most grooms will get into their suits, grab a pint and be ready. We ladies take our time to look our best with some of the most important people in our lives joining us for the morning. With this is mind you will be surrounded by straighteners, curling tongs and hairdryers. Not exactly the coolest of equipment. Keep topping up your water and keep the prosecco chilled.

Your make-up artist is far more talented than we will ever be but make sure they’re using a good primer and something with SPF! This’ll ensure your make up doesn’t slip and your cheeks don’t get too rosy!



If you’re worried about what to offer your guests on a hot day let us know. We can help you come up with different ways to make your day different and cool!

Order of the BEST DAY EVER!

We get so many questions about when to say “I do”, when’s the best moment to cut the cake or whens a good moment for the bouquet toss… while theirs no set time for anything and the most important tip i have for you is do what you want to do, below is a rough idea of when things may happen n your special day!


If you are celebrating your whole day with us…

14.00 The “I do’s” You pick your ceremony time, our lovely registrars will conduct anytime from 11am til 5pm, but for now i’ll go with a popular time of pm. IF you have a registrar wedding with us they typically last half an hour.

(Church services vary in length depending on your denomination and number of songs and prayers. A good idea is to leave an hour for your ceremony plus time for photos at the Church. Remember to then add on travel time to get to us for your drinks reception!)

14.30 Confetti  now is the perfect time for that iconic shot, be it confetti, bubbles, glow sticks or something even more unique! After you walk down the aisle as the newlyweds, we have all your guests attention to get them where they need to be for the photo and you can both enjoy 5 minutes enjoying being MARRIED!

14.45 Drinks, canapes, photos You and your guests can now enjoy a tipple or two in our beautiful walled garden or reception room. Your photographer will have a list of the photos and group shots you would like – we will leave them to work their magic while we top up glasses and wander around with scrumptious nibbles.

15.15 Call through The photos are done and your guests have said congratulations, now is the time to take your seats for the most scrumptious meal of your married life.

(As an idea 1 hour and a half works for turnaround – the time in which we set up your tables, favours, place cards etc, but please speak to your coordinator about your timings, if you have a lot of guests or a lot of lovely decorations we may require 2 hours for this.)

15.30 Wedding Breakfast Or in other words the first meal you eat as newlyweds. Grab an apron to avoid gravy on the white dress and sit back while we keep the food and drink flowing.

(We tend to allow 2 hours for around 100 guest and a 3 course wedding breakfast, if you have a different menu choice or guest list number drop me a message and I can help you plan the timings! alexis@kings-arms-hotel.com )

17.30 Time to Toast We have the fizz poured and the micraphones are ready! Now’s a good time to get the tissues out, you may cry, consider yourself warned!

(The traditional order of speeches is the Father of the Bride, Groom, Best Man, but you say who you’d like to speak! We tend to allow half an hour for 3 speeches but we can of course adjust to suit your special day.)

18.30 Evening Reception Allowing a little time between the end of the speeches and the evening reception starting gives you time to powder your nose and speak to the guests before the party starts.

18.30 CAKE! The cake cutting photo (or cake smushing into your new partner’s face photo –no judgement here) is another iconic photo. A good time for this is either after your speeches or when your evening guests start to arrive.

19.00 First Dance (or wobble in my case) The DJ announces, the crowd gathers, and boogie wonderland.

20.00 Evening Food Yum, time to get some more nibbles out. We have so many evening food options available, or if you are having your wedding cake as the evening buffet its all great with me! 8pm works well here as it’s allowed your evening guests some time to celebrate before munching and enough time between that wonderful wedding breakfast and now.

22.00 Sparklers Everyone loves a sparkler photo and it is something I am getting asked more and more to include. Of course the sunset will help time this but 10pm is a good guess for all seasons.

00.00 Carriages or the Late Bar Can you believe you’ve made it to midnight already? Well the party doesn’t have to stop now, you can enjoy nightcaps until 2am in the Kings Arms if you have the bedrooms booked above the bar.


Now I hear you asking “but I’d like to do…” 

Don’t panic, this really is an idea for your day! Below I’ve listed another 2 options including the ceremony offsite to show the flexibility of your day, your way!


Church Ceremony & Speeches First 

13.00 The Ceremony

14.00 Confetti and photos at the Church

14.30-15.00 Travel time to the Kings Chapel

15.00 Drinks, Canapes, Photos

17.00 Speeches

17.30 The Wedding Breakfast

19.30 Cutting the Cake

20.00 First Dance

20.30 Evening Catering

00.00 Late Bar at the Kings Arms


Saying I do at Dusk

16.00 The I Do’s

16.30 Drinks Reception

17.30 2 Course Wedding Breakfast

19.00 Speeches & Cutting the Cake

19.30 Evening Guest Arrive

20.00  First Dance

21.00 Evening Catering

00.00 Carriages and Sleepy Time


Honestly, if you are struggling with planning your day just say, we are alwasy able to help you plan and better to start the conversation early so we can capture everything you want to and not have to rush any elements.

If you’d like to know my dream wedding day timeline drop me a message… I promise it’s different to any other wedding you’ve been to if you want something a little different.



Wedding wishes, Alexis


Our Ultimate Wedding Timeline

Hold on to your veils and top hats, grab a cuppa or cheeky Old Amersham G&T and settle down to read our ultimate wedding planning timeline!


1 Year to Go…

  • Book Kings Chapel on your ideal available date!
  • Book your registrar – we belong to Beaconsfield Registry Office and that’s who you’ll need to call to arrange your civil ceremony! They’re all lovely to chat to, and will be very excited for you! We’d recommend opting for a ceremony between 1pm-3pm as it gives you a nice leisurely morning to get ready, and means that your special day lasts a good amount of time! The number is  01494 475205
  • Choose your wedding party members; bridesmaids, groomsmen, dog ring bearer etc.
  • Send out those save-the-dates – including your evening guests! (You don’t have to decide who makes the cut to the full day yet!)
  • Book photographer & videographer – the good ones can get booked up far in advance! The photos and footage are one of the view things from the day that last forever – make sure you set enough of your wedding budget aside for these to be a spectacular capture of your amazing day! Click here for our recommended happy snappers https://kingschapeloldamersham.co.uk/photographers/
  • Book your DJ or band – like with photographers, the good ones get snapped up quickly! It’s also a great idea to have music throughout your day, both of our amazing recommended bands are able to sing your ceremony, rock your reception and pump up your party, so definitely contact them with your favourite tunes and see what they can do for you! Click here for our party starters https://kingschapeloldamersham.co.uk/music/
  • Book your florist and venue stylist – there’s no time like the present to start thinking about that Pinterest board and how to make it a reality! If you’re getting married in the same season you booked in read up on which flowers are in season, what colour schemes work with the weather, and of course what goes with your wedding and bridesmaids dresses! Click here for our green-fingered girls https://kingschapeloldamersham.co.uk/florists/ and here for our stunning stylist https://kingschapeloldamersham.co.uk/venue-styling/
  • On the technical side, TAKE OUT WEDDING INSURANCE! There is such a small chance or likelihood that anything will go wrong or prevent you from having the day you dreamed of, but it’s so much better being safe than sorry. We recommend: https://www.events-insurance.co.uk/
  • Book your honeymoon! With a year to go it’s time to take advantage of flights and accommodation prices before they raise them!


6 months to go…

  • Time to get suited and booted! Buy those wedding clothes and accessories and make sure your #squad is #onfleek (did I really just say that, who am I…)
  • Book accommodation for your key people: family members, wedding party members, the night before if needed
  • Send out your wedding invitations with full details and timings; be sure to let your invitees know to call up the hotel directly to book their discounted rooms! You will also need to know all guests’ dietary restrictions so that we can feed and water everyone appropriately! Set an RSVP deadline of 3 months before your special day – that allows for a late repliers!
  • Pay your second instalment; the next wedding payment is due at this time! It is also around this time we begin assigning wedding coordinators to couples, so lookout for a friendly hello from one of the team! Feel free to ask ANY questions, we are always ready to answer and get into a good old natter about the wedding!
  • Book your hair and make up – it’s a great time to carry on your planning for the overall look! Click here for our pampering princesses https://kingschapeloldamersham.co.uk/beauty/
  • Organise your wedding cake – mmm it’s cake time! Click here for our beautiful bakers https://kingschapeloldamersham.co.uk/cakes/
  • Start finalising the venue decorating – ooh can see it all coming together now!


3 months to go…

  • Alter those suits and dresses, there may be some adjustments needed, plus any excuse to suit up and feel a million dollars!
  • Buy your wedding rings – or MAKE them for an amazing personalised touch to the day! This special service is offered by the gem of jewellers, find her here https://kingschapeloldamersham.co.uk/jewellery/
  • It’s menu tasting time! Pick your 2 favourite starters, mains and desserts, or if you’re decided then try the veggie option! This is a complimentary date night for you and your spouse-to-be, so organise a taxi/babysitter/dogsitter and have a lovely evening of nibbles, fizz, food and wine on us in your gorgeous wedding venue
  • For you Friday and Saturday wedding-weekend party people, it’s time for your third instalment payment!
  • It’s time to book in the last wedmin appointment – the final details meeting! It’s due next month, so make sure you have some time you can set aside from work in order to meet with your coordinator during her working hours – remember if we’re working at the weekend we’re probably looking after someone’s special day!
  • Your RSVP deadline is due – chase those pesky slow repliers and send them a nudge!
  • Time for a bit of fun – it’s a great time to plan the hen and stag dos! Enjoy a blast with your close friends and family to celebrate before it’s all official!


1 month to go…

Oh gosh it’s nearly here! This month will be the quickest you’ve ever experienced – but don’t worry! Take time to sit, breathe, enjoy!

  • Final payment is due now, so good to have it done and dusted and see all your hard work materialise into your dream day!
  • Table plan – aside from any family politics, this can be really fun! Send it off to us for checking, and blame any boring relative placement on us!
  • Final fittings – make it fashion, dahling
  • Get speech writing! Shall I compare thee to…no googling speech ideas, has to come from the heart!
  • Wear in those wedding shoes – no one wants a blister on the day!


1 day to go…

Eek! Stay calm!

  • Treat yourself; massage, facial, hair, nails, eat a whole cake – whatever makes you feel good!
  • Pack your boxes of wedding bits and bobs – make sure things are labelled with where they’re going and how you want them to look on the tables. Place names organised per table is a must for a quick turnaround! Ensure your wedding coordinator knows about each item and where it’s going!
  • Pack any secret gifts to be given during speeches – thank you mum, dad, dog, friends, NEW spouse, neighbour, teacher, etc.!
  • Hang dresses/suits somewhere they won’t crease or brush against anything
  • Put bouquets and buttonholes somewhere cool
  • Get a GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP – you earned it!


The day is here!

  • Your ONLY instructions are to relax, enjoy, take moments to yourselves, look around the room as everyone you know and love is here to celebrate YOU and the fantastic special commitment you’re making. And of course, PARTY!



Congratulations on becoming the NEWLYWEDS!