Love is in the Air

dreamy backdrops

Balloons! Now give me a minute, don’t write them off because they make you think of a three year old’s party! There are so many reasons to love these little puffs of air…

COUPLE PHOTOS – Ahh lovely. Jut the simplest of additions give you a different look to some of your newlyweds photos. You can by MR & MRS, MRS & MRS and MR & MR balloons for the fraction of the price of light up letters but for all of the photo wows.

BALLOON BACKDROPS – Do I even need to describe this one?! A backdrop to you, to your cake, to your ceremony. Endless opportunities.

DANCE FLOOR DECOR – Swirling around in hundreds of balloons, erm yes please (I didn’t know I wanted to do that until I worked in Events) The pops of colour make you stand out in your first dance and can add movement to the room. Whats not to like, it’s a photographers dream.

So who’s popping out for helium?

Alexis xx

FAQ’s Answered

It can’t be helped, some questions we get all the time, but hopefully this will answer some of those burning Q’s in your mind!

Is there a payment schedule for our Wedding?

There is! To confirm your wedding with us we require a non-refundable deposit, a payment schedule is then sent to you on confirmation. The payment schedule includes a 6 month and 3 month prior installment & the final balance due 1 month before your special day. Should your confirmation fall within six months of your wedding date, a larger deposit will be required.

When are final details & numbers needed for our Wedding?

You will both be invited to attend a Wedding consultation either in person or via Facetime/Zoom with your Wedding coordinator on an agreed date two months prior to your Wedding where your day is gone through in detail. The majority of your final details are required on this date but your final numbers can be specified one month prior to your wedding date.

What time do I have access from prior to our Wedding?

Access is guaranteed from 10am the day of your Wedding but our busy bees may still be hoovering or setting up for you at that time. Where possible we will notify you of the possibility of earlier access but this will be confirmed to you the week prior to your Wedding.

Can we throw confetti?

Hell YEA, biodegradable confetti & real petals are permitted. However, any confetti thrown other than this (e.g. foil confetti, faux petals) will incur cleaning charges, boo!

Does the venue allow corkage?

Unfortunately we do not allow corkage or for you to consume your own beverages on site because we have such a fantastic range of pre-ordered drinks and drinks available at our bars! If there is a specific product you would like us to supply though please discuss the directly with your coordinator…. perhaps a fruity gin, or Great Aunt Tessy’s favorite whiskey.

Does the venue allow corkage?

Unfortunately the venue does not allow corkage or for you to consume your own beverages on site. If there is a specific product you would like us to supply please discuss the directly with your coordinator.

Can we bring our dog? They are well behaved

You may not know but I am screaming YES! We adore nothing more than including your fur babies during the big day and rest assured they will get plenty of fuss from the team and I. We only ask that if they mess one of your party clean up as this isn’t a job for your waiters carrying your canpes!

Any other burning questions? Let me know,

Alexis xx

Old Amersham Gin, your next garden tipple…?

Old Amersham Gin Delivery <3

WHERE IT ALL BEGAN, Old Amersham Gin  is a start- up, family business which begins (like all good stories do) in the pub. The wonderful Nelli had always worked in her Dad’s pubs and together, they began Old Amersham Gin two years ago. Firstly by learning, growing & experimenting with lots of different British botanicals with the help of The Nagundo Tree Flower Studio; infusing gin naturally in very small batches. After a lot of trial and error, they began working with Laurence from Wharf Distillery.

All of the botanicals used in the making of Old Amersham Gin are seasonal, home grown in the Kings Arms Hotel garden or locally foraged in Old Amersham itself!

The perfect tipple for your next day soaking up the sun in your very own home “pub garden”, you can buy Old Amersham Gin here!

We recommend enjoying OAG PINK with a ginger ale and a wedge of lime. We recommend enjoying our London Dry with your favourite classic tonic and a slice of orange// sprig on mint.

10 must watch wedding films during lockdown

  1. FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL – What a classic and how can it not be our number one when part of the movie was filmed here at the Kings Arms and the famous bedroom scene, down in the Crown Inn! Pop it on Friday night and see if you can spot out us, i’m not spoiling it for you!

2. THE WEDDING SINGER – All the cheese, sing along hits and the great pairing that is Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

3. MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING – Ohh what’s not to love? The ugly duckling transformation and happy ending, not to mention that hideous dress, we can’t help but feel for the girl!

4. BRIDESMAIDS – Have you heard of a Nexflix Party? Yep that’s normal now. Get the girls all to press play at the same time, have a bottle (or two, I’m not judging) and watch the film together Facetime Style. A great movie focusing on gall pals rather than the typical couple storyline.

5. WEDDING CRASHERS – The iconic what not to do at a wedding but happy ending nonetheless.

6. THE PROPOSAL – Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, check, hilarious dance to to Get Low, check. Let’s put this on the watch list now.

7. MEET THE PARENTS – Because no matter how bad your parents and In-Laws are no one can ever top this family!

8. THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT – Emily Blunt and Jason Segal postpone their wedding, again and again (however not due to a global pandemic). This one is a funny look at just how things can stray far from the original plan.

9. MY BEST FRIEND’s WEDDING – You’ll be torn between rooting for Julia Roberts and hoping Cameron Diaz beats her bum to the ground. Definitely worth a watch

10. FATHER OF THE BRIDE – Don’t even try to tell me this one doesn’t bring a tear to the eye. Daddy’s little girl is finally grow up and it has us all dreaming of a wedding in our parents mansion house!

Popcorn anyone?

Alexis xx

Lockdown To Do List

While some of us are still working, perhaps home schooling, some of us are learning yoga or how to wallpaper (yes I did that) a lot of people are leaving their Wedmin or To Do Lists but this is the perfect time to tick a few things off! Here are just a few of my ideas to keep you and the gang, kids, Mother In-Law and all busy. Purchase and Walk-in Your Wedding Shoes

Pick slightly over flower blooms (roses and peonies work well) and turn into confetti by drying between sheets of kitchen towel or microwaving for a few seconds. Totally biodegradable and so easy to do!

Master home-made gin, jam, jaffa cakes?! Anything goes in the world of wedding favours so why not learn a new skill and put it to use making guest favours?

Teach yourself calligraphy! Once you’ve mastered the basics you can work on your own style then place cards, signs, menus all become possibilities. I used this little gem to learn myself “Modern Calligraphy”

Channel your inner Mary Berry and learn to bake. Not just the “Lockdown Bannana Bread” the world and their wife have had a go at during the outbreak but real luxury. Perhaps a classic Victoria Sponge or a silky Red Velvet cake. Lean to “naked ice” with butter cream, or go for a classic fondant drape. If you have time on your hands you could turn that CAKE Pintrest board into tomorrows lunch!

Embroider hankies for the ceremony (no one loves an ugly crier). This one may take a while, but who am I kidding all these ideas will take a while! I have very fond memories from one wedding a few years back now with the best embroidered hankies on each chair.

Any other ideas for lockdown Wedmin, let me know. I may even chose one to fill my time too!

Alexis xx