Engagement Touches for your Big Day

|So, how was THE question popped? I adore couples that pull their engagement into their wedding day plans. But i hear you ask, “how?!” Well here’s a few ideas… Table names – think about calling your tables after the beaches, towns, cities, tourist attractions surrounding the “Will You Marry ME” location The Wedding Breakfast –Continue reading “Engagement Touches for your Big Day”

Top Tips, with love, Alexis

I’ve been doing this a while now, and while I’d like to say I’ve seen it all (including a melting cake, a run away doggie ring barer and a groom step on his newlywed’s dress and rip it!)  I haven’t… but it’s pretty close!   Today while sipping my daily cup(s) of coffee, I’ve popped aContinue reading “Top Tips, with love, Alexis”