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Weddings have been thrown up in the air for 2020. Couples are left to make difficult choices about what they can plan & keep for their day.

One thing that every couple will still need for their wedding day, regardless of when, where & how it will take place is wedding rings. This is where Roz from Rosalyn’s Emporium, Bespoke Jewellery can make the experience a joyful one no matter what your situation is.

Roz Prest, owner of Rosalyn’s Emporium has over 20 years experience designing, making & selling jewellery. In 2016 she established her own business specializing in ‘Make Your Own wedding ring’ workshops for couples. These private, covid 19 compliant sessions are booked in advance & tailored to suit each couple.

This unique business has 3 key services which are;

‘Make Your Own’, Commissions & Recycling.

These services can be combined or used singularly to create your ultimate wedding jewellery & lasting memories.

Roz shares her expert advice on wedding ring planning & trends with you.

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Wedding ring planning:

Start to think about wedding rings at least 6 months ahead of your planned wedding date. This ensures plenty of time to fit in a bespoke service or make your own workshop. Rings can be made or commissioned with shorter time frames but some aspects may be compromised such as engraving or stone setting. These can still be done after the wedding but you would be without the rings for a while which doesn’t suit everyone.

Wedding ring trends:

For inspiration please read through the key trends Roz has picked out for you.

Make Your Own:

Yes we really do mean make them yourself!

Private couple workshops aimed at complete beginners. You will be taken through each step of making your very own rings from bars of precious metal.

“Will I mess it up?” is the most common worry & no, I will not let you. The vast majority of wedding rings can be made entirely or partly by the couple themselves. Metals available are any gold, platinum, palladium & silver. This also includes using clients’ own recycled gold. Tailor made for you & by you….find out more

Ethical & sentimental:

Recycling your own gold to make wedding rings can be the most personal, ethical & sentimental way to commemorate loved ones & remember them every day. Only hallmarked yellow gold can be recycled at present but if you have another metal type with diamonds or gems in, we might be able to use the stones but not the metal. Sometimes it is beneficial to scrap your metal & put that cost towards the rings.

I also purchase 100% recycled gold so even ‘new’ wedding rings are made with ethical & sustainably sourced metals. Find out more here!

Stone set:

Making your own wedding rings does not mean you have to go without some extra sparkles. Using Hatton Garden suppliers & trained experts Roz can source & have set the stones of your choice. This does not just mean diamonds either. Lots of couples are choosing other stones & gems to add colour, meaning or reach a certain budget. Ask Roz for advice.

Shaped / fitted:

With a lot of couples choosing antique or unusually shaped engagement rings there can be a need for a shaped wedding ring.

‘V’ shaped wishbone is by far the most flexible & versatile shape to fit against a multitude of engagement rings whilst also looking good on it’s own. With or without stones this style is a true classic already.

If you want something that matches much closer you may need a ring that’s cut into so it fits neatly against the profile of the engagement ring.


With a choice of machine, hand or laser engraved there is something for everyone. From a simple initial & wedding date inside the rings which only you know about, to elaborate designs & even your own fingerprints.

Engraving can dramatically change & personalise your wedding rings. Combine with stone setting for the ultimate embellished rings.

Less is more:

For many reasons a simpler wedding ring can be just what you need. Perhaps you work with your hands or can’t have stones in your ring so you need something simple & plain. Knowing that you made the rings yourselves or had them made for you can really add meaning to something that is simpler to look at. Plain metal rings can still be made unique by adding texture or a satin finish.

Unique & bespoke:

Intricate & highly detailed rings often need an extra level of service involved hand drawn or computer aided design (CAD) sketches, 3D printed or wax carved models prior to having the metal version made.

These extra processes ensure the design is perfect for you before investing in precious metals or stones. It can be hard to imagine something when you can’t see or feel it. For more information about a bespoke commission service please look here

Other wedding jewellery:

Engagement rings:

Rosalyn’s Emporium offers a full design & make service for engagement rings. Budgets ranging from £600+ can be accommodated.

Engagement rings can also be remodelled, altering the shape or adding extra stones can really transform something.

Wedding day jewellery:

From pearl stringing to diamond jewellery I can create something for you to wear for the day & treasure for a lifetime.

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