Lockdown Wedmin 2.0

No I know I gave you some inspo on wedmin tasks you could do the last lockdown, but here is a few ideas this time round.

  1. Perfect your Pintrest boards – what more could you want cosied up on the sofa, hot chocolate (marshmallows and cream not optional) and hours of pinning those wedding dreams
  2. Create your own wedding website – a great way to keep guests updated (things do move somewhat fast around here) You can even create a free easy to use website on Hitched, here
  3. Write your vows – a task some may love, and some may not but perhaps lockdown has made you realise how lucky you are to have each other, or has provided a hilarious anecdote for the speeches!

4. Get creative with your wedding shoes! – Last time i told you to wear in your wedding shoes, it will help with blisters, but how about getting your calligraphy pens out and writing a message on the sole of your shoes.

5. Practice your First Dance – hey i’m going to want to see some Strictly worthy routines next year!

6. Order your wedding cake to the front door – I’ve seen a lot of wonderful wedding cake creators offering this throughout lockdown. Why not have your cake for breakfast!

7. Make a fantastic Spotify playlist – Romantic instrumentals for the ceremony, some smooth jazz for the drink reception, and some dance all nighters for later. Then why not dance all day to the playlist, you’ll get your steps up!

8. Plan your guest list (plural) – Let’s be honest, we may find ourselves in a predicament with a limit on our guest list. Why not take some time to work out your smaller and larger ideal numbers. It may hurt a little but it will help you too.

9. Stalk our Real Weddings! – We have hundereds and hundreds of weddings under our belt now and we know what works. Why not pick our brains on some ideas or scroll through Instagram – our tagged page has lots of hidden gems too!

10. DATE NIGHT – During this quite frankly bizarre time it is easy to get stressed and being cooped up inside can be hard. Make sure you dedicate a night for you as a couple. Get dressed up and have a fancy dinner (or pizza), build a den and watch a movie. Camp in your garden. Take a picnic to your local woodland. So many ideas, let me know what you get up to!

As always, Alexis x

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