Love is in the Air

dreamy backdrops

Balloons! Now give me a minute, don’t write them off because they make you think of a three year old’s party! There are so many reasons to love these little puffs of air…

COUPLE PHOTOS – Ahh lovely. Jut the simplest of additions give you a different look to some of your newlyweds photos. You can by MR & MRS, MRS & MRS and MR & MR balloons for the fraction of the price of light up letters but for all of the photo wows.

BALLOON BACKDROPS – Do I even need to describe this one?! A backdrop to you, to your cake, to your ceremony. Endless opportunities.

DANCE FLOOR DECOR – Swirling around in hundreds of balloons, erm yes please (I didn’t know I wanted to do that until I worked in Events) The pops of colour make you stand out in your first dance and can add movement to the room. Whats not to like, it’s a photographers dream.

So who’s popping out for helium?

Alexis xx

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