Top Tips, with love, Alexis

I’ve been doing this a while now, and while I’d like to say I’ve seen it all (including a melting cake, a run away doggie ring barer and a groom step on his newlywed’s dress and rip it!)  I haven’t… but it’s pretty close!


Today while sipping my daily cup(s) of coffee, I’ve popped a few things you might find useful


Your Dancing Shoes!

Ladies, and gents, there is nothing so sole- (ha, punny) -destroying than a blister on your wedding night. You’re meant to be dancing the night away, not limping around the room!

Wear in those shoes at home! The groom traditionally can’t see the dress before the big day but shoes….. I think we can all cope! Wear them to do the hoovering, while you do the ironing, while you put your feet up and catch up on the latest Netflix series you are bingeing on. It will all help and believe me you will thank me for reminding you! 

(Don’t worry though, I always have blister plasters in my top drawer should the need arise!)




Time Alone! 

I cannot stress enough how lovely it is when newlyweds take a moment to embrace and really be together on their wedding day. A moment away from the crowds and your photographer will really be a wonderful few moments together.

All day you will be pulled from friend to family, to group shot to toasts. Believe me, send the photographer off to capture some candid family photos and hang back with each other. You’ll remember that moment.

(Ask me about some good moments to do this if you’re unsure when you can sneak away!)



The Most Expensive Slice of Cake You’ll Ever Devour 

Now everyone who knows me well, KNOWS I adore cake. A classic Victoria sponge, elder flower and blueberry, good old chocolate cake (or my lunch-break favorite, Old Amershams, The Grocer’s,  Guinness and Chocolate cake, yummmm).

Anyway, I digress. You’ve most likely bought a wedding cake, and let’s be honest now, it’s most likely been a few pounds to purchase!

Get your coordinator to box up a slice of each tier (or 2) and have it popped in the honeymoon suite for your midnight arrival. It’s a great snack and ensures you get to indulge in that sweet treat.


Now the best tip I can honestly give you is calm! 

If you are worried about the day and eveyone else’s opinion of the day it will dampen your enjoyment! Try not to let too many people push you in directions you don’t want to go, or spend time worrying if so and so will enjoy the delicious guinea fowl because all they eat at home is chicken nuggets!

If it rains, don’t panic, umbrella shots are cute and we can always dry you off later. If someone decides they aren’t coming, well more fool them.

I have yet to come across anything that the girls and I cannot overcome so please trust in us and you will have the best day ever.

It is your day, you will do this once, enjoy it and make sure you can look back at the best day of your life with love.




Remember I always happy to chat about your special day. Just drop me a message. 

Alexis x 

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