Outdoor Eats!

To us every wedding is unique and personal. Not everyone is after the formal 3 course sit down meal so we offer some food service to meet your more relaxed, less traditional vibes.



A hot British summer day isn’t complete without a BBQ.

Offer you guests some burgers and sausages and you’re guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. This style can be plated or put out on tables for guests to help themselves. It’s a great opportunity for you to simple allow your guests to sit wherever they might like and interact with people they may not have.



Hog Roasts always go down a treat. Come rain or shine you are what could be better? We offer a wide range of accompaniments that you would chose to go with it, and might I say our coleslaw deserves all the awards.





The great thing about BBQ’s and Hog Roast’s is that they both work for wedding breakfast and evening food!



One extra perk that we have at the Kings Chapel is our pizza oven.

Just picture yourself after a few wines and Proseccos, craving the ideal evening food. Fresh out of the oven you can sit down with a cheesy pizza and extra toppings of your choosing before heading back out onto the dancefloor.


We’re are more than happy to help come up with quirky ideas that suits your personalities. Feel free to ask….we are here to help!

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