Get the party started

Kick off the heels, the I do’s are done, you’re stuffed full of scrumptious-ness and it’s time to party. But how do you make your party stand out i hear you ask?

Well… here’s a few I’ve seen over the years that just add that little something EXTRA to the night.

A&M’s Pimp your Prosecco 

Who doesn’t love an extra drink (or 2!) to get the party started and getting the chance to spice things up with a little splash of this and dash of that is a great way of getting your guests involved on the day.


At the beautiful H&E’s wedding we had the very talented theglitterbox doing sparkly make-up in the evening. It was a great way to add glitz and glam, and a cool Ibiza vibe to the evening party!



Some of THE best party moves come out at a wedding! Think dad dancing, shimmeys, shuffles and the floss. Just check out all the fun from H&O’s day!


SPARKLES to finish

An absolute favorite of everyone’s at the moment. How can you not resist?!


H&D’s Bottoms Up! 


Never forget to cheers to your special day!

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