Another slice of cake… erm, yes please!

Philippa James Photography

Honestly, offer me a piece of cake any day and I will snap your hand off along with the heavenly baked goodie!

It’s pretty obvious I am therefore, a BIG fan of wedding cake.


Many moons ago the tradition was for the Bride to cut the cake but now the couple cut the cake. It’s a great moment your friends and family have been waiting for since they walked into the room and first eyed the sugary creation.

The tradition of keeping the top tier for your first born’s christening is age old, but who is realistically going to freeze a whole tier? I’d suggest taking that up to the Honeymoon Suite for a midnight snack!



Another bizarre tradition surrounding the tastiest part of the big days is that in the Medieval times bakers would tower individual cakes one on top of another, on another and so on. The newlyweds then had to kiss over the top of the highest layer. If the tower of calories stayed put, fantastic, the marriage was guaranteed to be prosperous, but should it topple, well,  that wasn’t great (but at least they had several layers of cake to eat as consolation!)


Anyway, enough cake traditions, I’m off for guess what, a cup of tea and slice of cake.



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