Old Amersham Photo Opportunities!

One question we get asked all the time is “where are some hidden gems for photos?”. Well… let me show you a few.

Over the years of lunch break strolls, and receiving adventurous photographers snaps of different wedding days, we have built up a real map of different locations.

If you walk out of the Chapel garden and turn immediately right you have gorgeous greenery, an old wrought iron fence which is magically blue in the right light and a tunnel of bushes and ivy.

If you turn left, you are met with the walls of evergreen; the blogs cover photo!

Taking a longer stroll from our garden will take you to meadows over looking Amersham and create breathtaking backdrops like A&M’s wedding photos below.

Walking towards St Mays Church will provide a wonderful backdrop of blooms, streams and weeping willows.

Amersham takes part in a national “Bloom” competition each year so there is sure to be year round riots of colour in the memorial gardens and surrounding areas.  Just look at J&M’s gorgeous photos below!

Honestly, our best piece of advice is to come for a walk with your photographer, or one of the wedding team and we can point out some of these hidden gems!

We have many more in our mind but are yet to have anyone venture to the locations.

With wedding wishes for the perfect photos of your big day!

Thank you to the wonderful photographers who have captured these images!


Carine Bea Photography

Guy Hearn Photography

Natalie J Wedding Photography

Reece Chapman Photography

Shell Sperling Photography

Tara Lilly Photography


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