The look of love

One of my favourite wedding moments even after seeing many, many moments, is watching the grooms face as the bride walks in. Everyone turns to see the bride but I turn to see the groom. That’s the look of love.

There’s a feeling of anticipation in the air, you can smell the perfume and heady bouquet flowers in the air and the bride is taking her final steps as a Miss down the back path of the Chapel. The Groom is patiently waiting and perhaps mopping is brow with a hankie as the registrars announce silence.

“Please be upstanding for the arrival of the Bride” and cue the music! It’s ShowTime, no backing out now, it’s the walk to remember. There’s “Ahh” as the flower girls and page boys toddle down the aisle, then the “oohs” as the bridesmaids float down the aisle. Silence, deep breath and the bride is in the door way, every head turns in the “I do” room, she’s a vision of crisp white – sometimes – and everyone lovingly sighs.

My eyes are elsewhere; the groom’s taken a breath, and turned to meet the love of his life, all is right with the world and they are the only two people in the room. It’s a magical moment and one I will eternally cherish being part of.

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