Spring Views and Bold, Bright Hues!

Whilst the recent snow in England provides a very pretty icing sugar dusting – perfect for wedding photos – it also has me yearning for warmer sunnier spring days…my winter blues have hit hard!

With the announcement of 2018’s colour of the year being ultraviolet and the wedding trends are leaning in favour of bolder brighter jewel colours, I could not be more excited about spring arriving! My vote would always be in favour of spring weddings, and I have thought this through many times. Think about it;


  1. Everything is bold, vibrant and colourful! The trees are green and busy once more, the grass is green and lush, and the flowers are out! You get fresh morning dew, crisp blue skies, milder weather – and in terms of venue hire you’re not paying premium high season rates! Nature is helping out with the wedding trend of this year!

  2. Given that your venue hire is only mid-season rates and you’re not paying more for the higher probability of sunny weather, there won’t be as much disappointment if it does end up raining (it is England after all!). also, Spring-time rain has the effect of just making everything a bit shinier, the grey skies don’t wash all the colour out of the landscape like they do in the more extreme seasons – so your photos are still beautiful!

  3. With all the colours coming out, you don’t have to pick and stick to one colour for bridesmaids dresses or groomsmen ties…which means avoiding the tantrums of ‘This doesn’t suit me!’, ‘Why couldn’t you pick my colour!’, ‘I can’t wear this!’…welcome in a cacophony of colour, a plethora of pantones and make your nearest & dearest dazzle!


As a pale person myself, I’m happy to officially wave ta-ta to pastels and eagerly look forward to colour-splashed wedding parties wandering up the Kings Chapel drive to celebrate with the happy couples. It’s not that I don’t think pastels are pretty, I do still love the soft colours that add a real-time Instagram filter to the day as a whole, I just think there’s so much more room to be DIFFERENT and unique using a more vibrant palette! In a day and age where the wedding is deviating from tradition and making its own rules – shouldn’t the colour themes reflect the same level of individuality and flair?!

Kings Chapel is wonderful in so many ways, but in my opinion the best way is how much room there is for self-expression – from the decorations, to the food, to the format of the ceremony – so why not make full use of that! No two weddings are the same here, and there is no A, B, C stuffy wedding package, so you have no reason not to go the full whack with decorating. What I love most is walking in to an unrecognisable Main Hall; whether it be because a forest has grown over the balcony and pillars, or there are pom-poms and lanterns providing colour-bursts in every corner, or if there is a curtain of twinkly stars in the form of fairy lights.

The bottom line is, our friends and families come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and that’s what we love most – so why shouldn’t our weddings?!”


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