Old Amersham Gin

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Old Amersham Gin is our exciting new start- up Gin company! Through your love of gin (& our love of gin), we decided it was about time to bring something new to the drawing board! So we started to infuse gin in small batches. Through our knowledge of the health benefits of certain botanicals & of course through taste, we use four carefully selected home- grown secret botanicals to splendidly infuse this natural, great tasting pink gin.

We recognise that you need more than just a really really good tasting gin. We want to minimise all waste & that is why we buy all our books for our packaging from charity bookshops in & around Buckinghamshire. A win, win! No plastic involved, just plain old used books. So no two of our bottles are the same!

Our limited edition gin is “One Wedding & A Gin;” named after everyone’s favourite rom- com “Four Weddings & a Funeral,” which was filmed in two of our hotels in Amersham! Through hosting a lot of Weddings we thought it was so important to make a unique gin, as unique as your Wedding day! One Wedding & A Gin is made from recycled comic books, finished with our pop-arty logo, tied with a knot & a beeswax seal. We offer personalisation for newlyweds, making your wedding gift or Wedding favours one of kind!

Exciting projects on the way include a honeysuckle infused gin, in which 100% of the profits go to saving our bees.

We’re only new but Old Amersham Gin looks forward to its place in the exciting world of artisan gin.

Please try & drink Old Amersham Gin responsibly.

Infused at 37.5% ABV.

Find your unique batch number on each bottle!



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