Old Amersham Gin

An exciting new start up! We are able to bring you Old Amersham Gin.

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Inspired by your love of gin (& our love of gin). Old Amersham Gin is our exciting new start-up company, which stemmed from our family Inn business. We decided it was time we brought something new to the drawing board, so we began to infuse gin in small batches. After a year of learning about botanicals , working closely with The Nagundo Tree Flower Studio & a lot of trial & error we chose four carefully selected home- grown secret botanicals to splendidly infuse this natural, great tasting pink gin.
We recognise that you need more than a really, really good tasting gin. We want to minimise all waste & that is why our completely unique bottles are wrapped in recycled comics! A win, win! No  plastic involved, just plain old used books! So no two of our bottles are the same!
Look out for LOVE POTION //. wrapped in recycled comics all about LOVE & finished with a dripping bright red wax seal.
Getting hitched? We’ve developed a range of 100ml Wedding & Party favours! All handmade to order.
Not sure whats your flavour? Then take our very weird quiz to find out which gin is for you! Answer questions like “Have You Ever Walked Into a Florist & Sneezed?”
Exciting projects on the way include a honeysuckle infused gin, in which 100% of the profits go to saving our bees!
We’re only new but we look forward to our place in the exciting world of artisan gin.
Infused at 37.5% ABV.
We recommend enjoying our gin with a Mediterranean Fevertree tonic & strawberries!

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Please contact daniella@oldamershamgin.com for more information!

Or go to our website www.oldamershamgin.com


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